Who and when

The participants in this great textile experience are:

JENI ALLISON - knitwear designer - Glasgow
MURJI HAMIR VANKAR - handweaver, - Bhuj, India
SWATI UNAKAR - handweaver and embroiderer - Bangalore, India

and me!

Swati and Murji flew to Glasgow and traveled down to Galashiels for a month in August/ September 2012. They spent time working at Heriot-Watt and visited mills and makers across the Borders and further afield.
In the third week of September Jeni and I joined them at Heriot-Watt for a few days before we all flew out to Ahmedabad in Gujurat. 
Once they had returned home we stayed another week then travelled to Kutch to stay at Kala Raksha
We had 10 great days based at this fantastic institution then returned to Ahmedabad and headed home to Scotland.

Round ll - In early February 2013. Jeni and I returned to Ahmedabad, then took a train to Bhuj and went our separate ways for a while. I worked at Khamir whiel Jeni went straight to Kala Raksha. The month was quite different to our first trip - we set our own itineraries in order to work on our individual projects. Jeni explored embroidery and stitched with local Kutchi Rabari women. I concentrated on indigo -  weaving, knitting, block printing and dyeing variations on this glorious colour.

At the beginning of March we flew home and Murji and Swati returned for their second month in Scotland.

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